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God comforts those in fear

Going through Isaiah 41: 1 to 14 concentrating on verses 10 to 14. 1. God gets Personal to help the Jewish people in verse 10. 2. God will Protect the Jewish people by helping them in verse 13. 3. God calling them Pitiful, will still help the Jewish people in verse 14.

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Best way to study Bible by Dr Alan Cairns

Ten Signs Something Big Is About to Happen – By Gene Lawley –

Ten Signs Something Big Is About to Happen – By Gene Lawley – The impending crisis that the swirling vortex of signs and events is pressing upon this world brings to mind that song of Johnny Cash titled, “Five Feet and Rising,” where he progresses through the song’s narrative of flood waters overwhelming his …

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Luke 23:27-43 The Cross by Joe Focht

Luke 21 Discerning the Signs of the Times by Joe Focht

Revival Thoughts…Joe Focht

Pastor Joe recounts the amazing events that surrounded the Revival in Wales in 1904-1905 and how we need a similar Revival today.